FAQ – A Note To Parents

FAQ – A Note To Parents

We understand that having your child come in for surgery can be stressful for a parent, but Dr. Carla Cohn is here to reassure you that you’re in good hands. 


“When your child comes to Western Surgery Centre for dental surgery, you should know that we have a great team, a very experienced caring team that will take care of you and your child from the moment you walk in the door until the moment that you are discharged. It’s important for every parent whose child is told to have dental surgery that they do their homework, listen to their dental professional and listen to their advice, make sure that they’ve covered all of their options, listen to their primary care physician, and all of their indications and contra-indications that may be there for their child. And then ultimately to come to the surgery center and to ask any other questions that they may have to the anesthetist that has been assigned to that case.

Please leave your questions and comments below and our staff at the Western Surgery Center will be happy to answer them.”



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