Belt Lipectomy Patient of Dr Murray, April 2016

“On April 11, 2016 I had a Belt Lipectomy procedure by Dr. Murray and staff. I lost 80 pounds through diet and exercise and became very frustrated by the amount of loose skin post weight loss. After many years (8) of weight maintenance and deliberation, i decided to have a consultation. I am a Registered Nurse and was well aware of the risks involved and the benefits as well. I chose Dr Murray as he had done a breast reduction to my Mom in the past. She spoke very highly of him and her scars are amazing. Michele and Dr Murray were very straightforward and easy to talk too. I felt very comfortable and booked a surgical date. I am currently 15 days post op and thrilled at my result. The procedure day could not have went more smoothly from the anesthesiologist, nurses, front desk staff, to my discharge that afternoon. The post op pain was very minimal. I would compare it to a bad sun burn. I was taking only extra strength Tylenol by 48 hours and followed the post op instructions as written. My incision is beautiful. The hardest part is no exercise for 4 weeks. I would highly recommend Dr. Murray and am incredibly grateful to his colleagues with whom were involved in my exceptional care.”


Patient of Dr. Murray, November 2015

“Glad to see private discharge of patients. Very impressed.”


Patient of Dr. Murray, November 2015

“Extremely high standard of service. My experience was very positive. Thank you very much!”


Patient of Dr. Singh, November 2015

“Excellent postop facility. Very professional staff.”


Patient of Dr. Murray, November 2015 “Thank you candy for such excellent post op care! I would definitely recommend Dr. Murry and the western center to anyone interested.”


Patient of Dr. Singh, October 2015

This is a wonderful facility. Everyone I dealt with was caring and friendly and courteous. Very clean place and a wonderful staff. Thank you!”


Cataract Patient of Dr. Wiens, October 2015

“On October l4th and 2Bth, I had cataract surgery on both eyes, performed by Dr.  Wiens at the Western Surgical Centre.  1 am astounded by the difference it has made to my vision.  I am very grateful for the skilled attention of Dr. Wiens, and for the kind, caring, and efficient staff at the Western Surgical Contra, particularly nurse Becky and Dr. Beckwith.  What could have been a nerve-wracking treatment was smooth and trouble-free. My heartfelt thanks go to all concerned, and to the Government and the WRHA for making this service available.”


Patient of Dr. Singh, October 2015

“The whole experience was much more comfortable then I had thought it would be since I was very nervous. Everyone made me feel comfortable and I felt at ease.”


Patient of Dr. Murray, October 2015

“Dr. Murray and the nursing staff are stellar professionals. Their patient care is excellent. They communicate effectively and take great pride in their work. My surgical procedure was a very positive experience.”


Patient of Dr. Murray, October 2015

“Thanks to Dr. Murray and all the nurses and staff for making the process simpler than I expected. Special thanks to Becky for that electric blanket, which was brilliant!”


Patient of Dr. Brodovsky, September 2015

“Having had a previous surgery almost 2 years ago, which left me traumatized and damaged. I was very worried about having my right eye done. However the whole process at your fantastic center and the wonderful staff of Dr. Brodovsky are very friendly and capable to put all my fears to rest. Congratulations on a very sweet and professional facility. From receptionist to prep nurse and surgery staff, everyone was a pleasure. Thank you!”


Patient of Dr. Murray, August 2015

“From the moment, one walks into the western surgery centre, a sense of competence and calmness is experienced. The nurses are most helpful and attentive. The doctor and the anthologist deliver informative info, prior to the operation. After the operation, nurses are very attentive in a professional manner. Thank you!”