Occupational Injury Services

Injuries in the workplace can take both a physical and emotional toll on the victim. Any delay in treatment combined with the time needed for someone to recover can be extremely stressful. The longer someone suffers from a workplace injury, the more difficult it is for the injured worker to return. The faster we can assess and treat a worker’s injuries, the less social, financial and emotional impact he or she will experience.


Because we believe every individual deserves the right to improve his or her quality of life in an efficient and timely manner, the Western Surgery Centre has partnered with organizations like the Workers’ Compensation Board, Department of National Defense, RCMP and third-party providers to expedite the assessment and treatment of individuals injured in the workplace.


Specializing in injury-related general surgery like hernias, hands and wrist surgery, or reconstructive plastic surgery, we guarantee surgery within two weeks after a consultation with our surgeons and approval from the WCB (or another insurer).