Adult Sleep Dentistry


Dental phobias can be incapacitating. Anxiety can keep you from making regular check-ups with your dentist or dealing with severe tooth pain or other dental emergencies. A phobia can prevent you from making the necessary decisions to maintain proper oral health, causing long-term health problems in the future.


If anxiety and fear have kept you from visiting the dentist, consider WSC’s Adult Sleep Dentistry as your solution.

How It’s Done


Most patients with dental phobias request to be “knocked out” for any dental procedure. While traditional ‘sleep dentistry’ only utilizes mild sedatives to ease your anxiety, the only way to guarantee a complete loss of awareness is through the use of a general anesthetic.


At an initial consultation, with no dentist present, our anesthesiologists will assess your overall general health to determine whether you are medically fit for a general anesthetic. They will also evaluate how best to proceed and ultimately make you feel most comfortable.


Am I A Candidate?


If you are in good general health and have specific but realistic dental goals, there is no defined age limit for this procedure.


Additional Information


Our goal is to provide you with the information required to ease the decision-making process.


We strongly encourage you to research your procedure thoroughly. Here are some useful links to help you: