Pediatric Dentistry


A healthy smile means a healthy child, and neglecting proper dental care can have adverse long-term implications. Left untreated, dental disease can adversely affect learning, communication, nutrition, and obstruct normal growth and development into adulthood.


At WSC, our dentists specialize in helping you care for your children’s teeth by providing both preventative and therapeutic oral health care for children of all ages.


Some dental work requires the patient to be under general anesthesia. This is true in cases where a child is very young or requires extensive dental work. Due to their level of anxiety, some children may not be able to tolerate dental treatment in the traditional setting of a dental office. Treatment under general anesthesia, in these cases, allows the dentist to provide treatment without creating any negative perceptions of dental care into a patient’s adulthood.


With over 25 years experience treating pediatric patients, we are familiar with the concerns and anxieties that children and their parents encounter. Our team of experienced dentists, anesthesiologists, and nurses do everything possible to keep you and your child comfortable. From the moment your child is admitted, every staff member is focused on his or her well-being.