FAQ – Introducing Carla Cohn

FAQ – Introducing Carla Cohn

Meet Dr. Carla Cohn, a dentist at WSC and the next star of our video series! She’s here to answer some of the most common questions asked by parents when it comes to pediatric dentistry. 

Thanks, Dr. Cohn!



“My name is Carla Cohn. I am a dentist. I’ve been practicing in Winnipeg since 1991. I’ve been coming to Western Surgery Centre since that time as well. I have a private practice called Kid’s Dental, which is my main office that I spend most of my time in, and Western Surgery Centre makes up about a quarter of the time that I spend practicing dentistry. Beyond that, I’m the immediate past president of the Manitoba Dental Association, and very involved with the Manitoba Dental Association. I have three great children and a lovely husband, and have lived in Winnipeg all my life, and did my schooling here as well, and I can say without any question that both my practice at Kid’s Dental and my practice at Western Surgery Centre have been a fantastic blessing for me.

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