10 Real Reasons People Get Implants

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10 Real Reasons People Get Implants


People get cosmetic surgery for all sorts of reasons. Sadly, sometimes stereotypes or judgment are the only things keeping people from physically changing something about themselves.

We’ve performed thousands of breast augmentations and lifts at Western Surgery Centre, and we make sure our patients have healthy reasons for getting surgery and have realistic expectations about the outcome.

Our board-certified surgeons focus on aesthetic breast augmentations, which means the size of the implant and the surgery is completely dependant on the size and weight of the person, and what they want to achieve. Our main focus is making sure you understand what you are asking for and that you’re happy with the results.

Patient education is also an essential part of the process to us.
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Based on what we’ve seen and heard, here are some actual reasons people decide to get breast augmentations and/or lifts.


1. To improve unevenness and make both breasts match in size

Asymmetrical breasts are not uncommon. Even half a cup size can appear as a visible difference. Wearing a cutlet or padded bra absolutely works — but we can offer a more permanent solution.

2. To make your body appear more proportionate

Since implants are selected based on your weight and body shape, you’ll achieve results that are completely complimentary to your body shape. Now your curves can all get on the same page!

3. To get your breasts back after weight loss

Losing weight is hard! Which is why it’s an amazing accomplishment if you are able to take your health in your hands and change your body. One of the only downsides is your breasts might downsize or change shape as a result.

4. To make clothes fit better off the rack

Do you feel like tight fitting clothes look funny? Fill out dresses, tops and other form-fitting pieces with no need for alterations. Once your implants settle, you’ll be able to expand your wardrobe.

5. To improve self-image and self-confidence

If you like your body and have a healthy self-image, but wish you could just change your breasts, you’re not stuck with them! Even if it’s a subtle change, if it makes you happy then that’s what matters.

6. To feel more feminine

Wear a bikini with pride. Show your new cleavage. Feel confident and radiant.

7. To feel more comfortable and happy in your own skin

Getting a breast augmentation or lift can be part of your journey to living a healthy, happy life with plenty of wellness and self-love.

8. To return your breasts to their original state (or better) after pregnancy

Giving birth is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, sometimes the body doesn’t bounce back despite your best efforts. As a mother, you deserve to feel beautiful and sexy in your skin.

*Western Surgical Centre also offers the Mommy Makeover that combines a few procedures in one session to target multiple areas that may have been affected.

9. To fight gravity

At some point, your breasts started making a slow descent. They’re still great, maybe they just need a little lift (and some help from a great bra)!

10. To do something for yourself

Doing something for yourself, on your own terms, is very empowering. Remember, you are the person who gets to live with and enjoy the results. Don’t let naysayers hold you back.

We understand opting to get cosmetic surgery is about changing something for yourself, and Dr. Kenneth Murray and Dr. Balbir Signh would love to help you get the body you’ve always wanted.

As a bonus — book your breast lift or augmentation consultation between February 15 and March 31 and you’ll be entered to win a $250 giftcard from The Bra Bar & PanterieThere is no obligation to proceed with surgery following your consultation. 



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