The 4’s to Consider for Breast Augmentation

The 4’s to Consider for Breast Augmentation

According to the 2013 National Plastic Surgery Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS,) there were 290,244 breast augmentations performed in the United States that year.

If you are considering a breast augmentation, here are 4 S’s to consider before committing to the procedure:

1. Silicone vs. Saline Implants

There have been several exciting advancements recently in the development of breast implants, as it relates to size, profile, texture and the overall composition of the implant itself.

For a majority of patients (72% in 2013), silicone implants are the desired choice over saline. The benefits of silicone are a lighter, softer more natural feel. There is also a lower deflation rate and less rippling. However, patients can expect to pay more for a silicone breast augmentation.

Saline implants are often a great alternative to silicone for individuals looking for a cheaper price, or smaller incisions.

2. Surgical Incision

Though breast augmentation surgery is much more widely accepted in today’s society, a large majority of patients prefer to keep their surgery private and therefore have concerns about the size and location of their incisions.

Through advancements in breast surgery techniques and products such as the Keller Funnel, surgeons been able to significantly reduce the appearance of scars from breast augmentation.

Although there are different standard incision approaches in breast augmentation surgery, most plastic surgeons prefer inframmamry (under the breast fold), peri­areolar (around the areolar) or transaxillary (under the armpit).

Be sure to discuss which incision approach is best­suited for your body type, implant selection and daily lifestyle with your surgeon.

3. Size

Determining size is without a doubt the largest cause of anxiety for patients seeking breast augmentation. Many women stress about looking “too big” or refer to a friend’s breast size when making their decisions. As a result, it is important for the surgeon to discuss and educate patients on their body’s anatomy and how breast implant size options are determined.

At the consultation, the surgeon should take measurements to understand what size implant is most appropriate for the your anatomy and offer a method in which you can visualize you results. From the use of imaging technology to trying on different implant sizers, patients should be active participants in the size selection process.

4. Selection

The final S when considering breast augmentation (and the most important) is selecting a plastic surgeon to perform the procedure.

The surgeon should be properly certifies, and is it important for patients to have access to before & after photos either online or in the office so they can review the surgeon’s results.

Whether patients find their surgeon online or through a referral, they should feel a connection with the doctor as well as the entire practice staff but most importantly, patients must be confident of the surgeon’s ability to deliver their desired results.

Be sure to discuss the 4 S’s with your surgeon before your breast augmentation!

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