FAQ – Untreated Baby Teeth

FAQ – Untreated Baby Teeth

Even though they will eventually fall out, infections in baby teeth are just as serious as infections in adult teeth. In this video, Dr. Carla Cohn explains the risks associated with untreated baby teeth. 


“So, complications with baby teeth, infections with baby teeth, can affect adult teeth; if the infection is close to the developing tooth under the gums, it can affect the adult tooth. An infection in a baby tooth can travel as well. An infection in an upper tooth can travel up to a child’s brain. An infection in the lower tooth can travel down to their airway and cause problems with breathing, so it can become a very serious situation.

When we have cavities we don’t think of them as an urgent situation. When they start to hurt it becomes more of an urgent situation, and then when we have an infection and swelling, then it becomes an emergent situation. We don’t want to ever have to have our children go through that type of situation, so we want to take care of things while they are manageable and before infection comes. Before pain happens.

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