FAQ – Surgery Day

FAQ – Surgery Day

Wondering about how surgery day is going to go for you and your child? Dr. Carla Cohn explains each step and transition of the entire procedure to put your mind at ease. 


“So, at Western Surgery Centre, we have several dentists that come in and treat their patients. So, we, as dentists, have our private practices where we will see a patient for consultation. If it is deemed appropriate that that child is to come to Western Surgery Centre, then the arrangements are made. Once a child comes to Western Surgery Centre, they’re admitted by our team at our front desk area and then brought into a pre-operative assessment room where they, again, meet with the dentist and the anesthetist, and the nursing team comes in to see the child and to assess their health.

At that point, they are then brought into the Operating Room. The procedure is done. And from there, the child goes into the Recovery Room where the parent can be re-united with the child again. We stay in the Recovery Room until the child is well enough to leave the facility. And then that is the end of your journey at Western Surgery Centre.

Please leave your questions and comments below and our staff at the Western Surgery Center would be happy to answer them.”



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