FAQ – Pre-Op Testing

FAQ – Pre-Op Testing

Many patients wonder about the necessary pre-op testing they have to go through before their procedure. In this episode, Dr. Murray explains the different types of exams you may need to have before your surgery and when each one would apply. 


Blood work really is going to be age dependent, so lab tests that need to be done for surgery are age dependent and they’re done by the College of Physician and Surgeon Guidelines. For most healthy people under 50, they don’t need any ancillary testing at all. If you have specific medical conditions that may require testing, that may be done, and that would be determined at your preoperative visit. If you’re an older patient, then sometimes a chest x-ray and cardiogram would be required.

The procedures are usually very straightforward and are done either under a general or local sedation, or regional anesthesia in order to get the best results and the best outcomes for you.

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