FAQ – Post-Op

FAQ – Post-Op

In this episode, Dr. Murray explains what needs to be set up for after your procedure. 


If you’ve had a general anesthetic or local anesthetic with sedation then it’s important that you have somebody who can take you home and stay with you the night of surgery. That’s really to prevent any rare complications, or people faint at home and there’s nobody there, then they might injure themselves, so we really just want these kinds of things for patient protection and patient safety. 

So if you’re from out of town, and you’ve had a procedure done under a general anesthetic or with sedation it’s most beneficial to probably try and stay in town with friends or relatives simply because frequently patients will get nausea, and perhaps an upset stomach afterwards, and getting in a car for a long bumpy car ride will just induce a messy situation.

So it’s much better, and much better for patient safety to just allow people to sit and relax after surgery. We do have affiliations with some of the local hotels and are able to get discounted rates for patients who need to stay in town overnight. Please leave your comments or questions below. We’d be happy to help you on your journey through plastic surgery at the Western Surgery Center.



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