FAQ – Baby Teeth

FAQ – Baby Teeth

Dr. Carla Cohn explains the importance of baby teeth and why it’s so crucial to take good care of them.

“It’s a common misconception that baby teeth should not be fixed as they are just going to fall out, however, we get our first baby tooth at the age of about six months and we don’t lose the last tooth until the child is about 12 years of age. That’s a long period of time to have those teeth in your mouth and those teeth serve a purpose. They allow our children to smile, they allow our children to eat and function. They allow our children to have a space for an adult tooth to grow so very important for a child to be able to thrive and have a healthy mouth.

Baby teeth are important and they’re not just baby teeth, they’re kid’s teeth. We wouldn’t want to have anything left untreated for any period of time. Infection could happen, pain can happen, and quality of life goes down when you don’t have a comfortable, healthy mouth.

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